2nd Generation Rabbit mAb

Sino Biological has developed a proprietary platform for efficient development of high affinity and high specificity rabbit monoclonal antibodies. We are the first company that is able to generate 2nd generation high-affinity rabbit Mab owning to our creative proprietary technology. By using recombinant protein based antigen for rabbit immunization, we can obtain rabbit monoclonal antibodies for ELISA assay as well as Western blotting, IHC, and flow cytometry applications. Sino Biological has successfully developed ELISA assays with rabbit monoclonal antibodies with pg assay sensitivity. Our rabbit monoclonal antibodies usually have binding affinity in the range of 1-100 picomole. Our rabbit monoclonal antibody platform is one of the kind in the industry and enables us to offer the most comprehensive one-stop custom antibody development services including mouse and rabbit monoclonal antibodies.


  • All antibodies from protein based, not peptide based, antigens
  • Leading 2nd generation rabbit Mab technology
  • High affinity, low detection limit guaranteed